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The Blessing Board is grateful to be able to provide quality home furnishings to those in our community who are in need. Families in financial need can call to make an appointment to attend a Day of Blessing where they receive a Gospel message, lots of love, and furniture for their homes. While The Blessing Board can not promise to supply everything a family needs, we promise to do our best to serve you.

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Home Medical Equipment


The Blessing Board provides home medical equipment to those in need in our community. If you’re in need of receiving home medical equipment, look no further than The Blessing Board.

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Leona *

Parent Needing a Safe Space

Leona, a single mother, was starting over after a long period of struggle. Recently reunited with her young children, she came to us in need of furniture to help make her empty house into a true home for them. She met with our volunteers who helped her pick out much needed items for her family and reassured her of God’s presence and love. Once Leona selected her items and received a Bible, they prayed together for the fresh start that she and her children were about to embark on.



Tyler* and Jan* moved to Pennsylvania from Kentucky to help a family member. When things got tough, they had to leave, ending up on the streets for several months. Tyler proudly served in the Army in the past, and through Veteran’s Services was able to move into new housing. They had nothing in the house…but we were able to provide a bed, dresser, couch, and chair along with a kitchen table and chairs. You can see the joy on their faces in this picture!



Marquies* had been sleeping in abandoned houses for months; skipping from one to the next each night just to have a roof over his head. He had just gotten a new job, and, with the help of Action Housing, he was able to move into his first apartment. He came to us needing only a dresser, but after talking with him and his Action Housing caseworker, we realized he had no household items. As Marquies went through our home goods section, he said “I’ve never had anything like this stuff before!” He was sweet and kind and did not want to take too much from our shelves. Marquies is looking forward to a brighter future as his job is looking to promote him soon, and he is in school working on getting his GED.

*names have been changed for confidentiality purpose

The Blessing Board exists to support those in our community facing furniture insecurity or furniture poverty. We understand that asking for help can be hard, but if you’re willing to make the first step, we’re here to receive you with open arms. Learn more about our low-barrier furniture bank and how we can help by checking out the ways you can receive support from The Blessing Board.